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Visitors Comments


"A moving and unforgettable experience. Thank you all"
MARIE BASHIR   Governor of NSW

"A message for today and for all years. No words are adequate to express my thanks… I found the experience uplifting"
JUSTICE MICHAEL KIRBY   High Court of Australia

"Still learning-thank you"
TEACHER   Fourth visit

"I hope the exhibition is widely visited. It deserves to be"
BOB CARR   NSW Premier

"An important contribution to make so the generations never forget"
KIM BEAZLEY   Former Leader of the Australian Labor Party


"I have found this visit a memorable one. I learned a lot about the Holocaust I never knew, but most importantly I got a chance to hear the truth about the treatment of the Jewish people in WWII. The experience moved me greatly and I hope anyone who has been given the opportunity to be here and listen to the Holocaust survivors, takes full advantage of their knowledge and help to make sure that we, as the next generation, don't make the same mistake".

"Those who say it never happened
Wouldn't be able to say that again
If they visited the Sydney Jewish Holocaust Museum
They would never feel the same"

"Our visit to the Jewish Museum was one of the most, if not the most humbling and inspirational experience of my life. The museum is just fantastic, and the volunteers are unbelievable. Thank you so much for teaching me about humanity and the importance of love and educating me about this terrible page of history"

"Even though I couldn't see the pictures on the wall very well, I still learned a lot. I hope no-one ever tells me that I had a hard life again, just because my parents were divorced when I was little. I often wonder what has happened to the camps. Where are they now? I'd like to say thank-you for your time and valuable information"
Translated from braille

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