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Identity Document of Mojzesz Turek



Dowod Osobisty

This Polish Identification Card was issued to Mojzesz (later Michael) Turek in the late 1920s. He used it when he travelled from Wilno, his hometown, to Prague, where he studied medicine. He was forced to look beyond Poland for medical school when authorities at the University of Stefan Batory in Wilno denied him entry, explaining that they had already met their quota of Jewish students. The Karlov Medical Faculty in Prague accepted his application, provided that he obtained the legal travel documents. Polish government workers nearly upset his plans with their slow correspondence, but Mojzesz contacted them persistently until they followed through with the papers.

Dowod Osobisty
Dr. Mojzesz Turek served as a doctor in the Bialystok Ghetto during World War II.

Donated by Suzanne Binetter (nee Turek)
M2009/039:002, M2009/039:003

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