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Letter to George Medak



In 1939, George Medak escaped Hungary and immigrated to Australia with his wife and daughter. He lost contact with his brother, Erno, in 1942. After the war ended, George was desperate to find his brother and know what had happened to the rest of his family. He wrote letters to dozens of people in the small villages of Seregelyes and Sarosd in Hungary, where his family was from. Many townspeople, including a doctor, a farmer, a chemist, and a surviving Jew, replied with answers. 

Of the dozens of letters, the Sydney Jewish Museum has thirteen. They describe what happened to the Jewish people of the two villages and what had become of George’s relatives. Most of his family in both villages perished, including Erno, his wife, their baby daughter, and Erno and George’s mother.

This letter is from Goldner Imre, one of the few Jewish survivors of Sarosd. He talks about the state of the town and his personal hardships. He promises to notify George if any of his relatives return to the village.

Donated by Veronica Goldrick (nee Medak)


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