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Letter to Solomon Itzkowic



Letter to Solomon Itzkowic, an internee in France, from his wife Esther and children in Antwerp. Solomon, originally from Poland, met his wife in Berlin in the 1920s. They left the city in 1938 for Belgium, and they were forcibly separated in 1940, when Esther was pregnant with their third child. This letter expresses how much Esther and the children miss him, mentions the kind families that are taking care of them, and urges him to write back soon and to join them in Antwerp. Esther also describes her fragile mental state and tells her husband she has “gone grey and old from tzores (worries)” waiting for him to come back.

Esther and her children were sent to Auschwitz in 1942, never to see Solomon again. Solomon was in a camp in southern France when he received this letter. He escaped the camp and made his way to Spain on foot through the Pyrenees. He then went to England, where he married again and had a son, David. They left for Australia in November 1948.

Donated by David Itzkowic

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