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List of Confiscated Items



confiscated, money, belongings, possessions 

When the Nazis and their collaborators stripped Jews of their belongings, they recorded victims’ names and listed all the valuables they confiscated. This three-page document, written in Hungarian, lists 14 people and what was taken from them, including jewellery, silverware, bank notes, coins, and other items. Each entry has precise details, such as dimensions, materials, and condition of the item. This type of looting was a major part of Nazi procedure.

The donor’s father, who appears on this list, took a great risk by removing the document and keeping it himself. When the Somogy family escaped Hungary in 1956, they had little more than the clothing on their backs and this list.

The fourteen listed are: Czikk, Ferenc; Gottlieb, Benczene; Gottlieb, Miklos; Slamovics, Manone; Zuczker, Ignaczne; Klein, Miksa; Molnar, Vilmos; Gottfried, Menyhert; Gotlieb, Dezsone; Juszkovics, Jano; Neumann, Jozsefne; Czikk, Marton; Pollack, Sandor; and Lang, Adolf. This list records a total of almost 6,000 Hungarian pengo (the national currency from 1927-1946) and over 100 items.

Donated by Jody Somogy

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