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Socks Belonging to Magda



At the time of the Slovakian Uprising in August 1944, Magda and Alfred Grün managed to escape to the Strážov Mountains where they lived through the winter. The villagers, who were Lutheran, helped them with food. They couldn’t join the Slovak partisans because they were also killing Jews. They survived by hiding for nine months.

When the Germans came into the mountain area, Magda and her husband separated as they ran off in different directions. She was lost for four days in sub-zero conditions in January 1945. She wore ski clothes under her peasant clothing and a pair of thick socks to survive the cold winter. Wearing these socks, her small feet left only child-sized footprints in the snow, which allowed Magda to escape detection.

                                                       Donated by Helen Doctors (nee Grün)

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