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Tefillin and Embroidered Bag



Jakob Hershkovitch used this set of tefillin in Um Hasag Chestochowa Concentration Camp in Poland.

Tefillin are a set of two small leather boxes that hold scrolls of parchment inscribed with Torah verses. They have deep spiritual significance and are worn during weekday morning prayer. One box is placed on the head and the other bound to the arm to commemorate the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt and their relationship with God. To practicing Jews, tefillin are a mitzvah (commandment from the Torah) of great importance.

Jacob survived the camp. He died later in Israel and left the tefillin, with its embroidered bag, to his brother Simon.

Donated by Simon Hersh (nee Hershkovitch)
M2001/003:001, M2001/003:002

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