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Alone: In Hiding

Alone – in hiding

By Eliahu Raziel


This book is a remarkable memoir of survival during the Holocaust. Eliahu Raziel was only eight years old when his life was cataclysmically changed forever by the start of the Nazi reign of terror. By the time he was eleven Eliahu was the only member of his family of eight still alive. 

This is the story of his struggle to survive in the forest and farms surrounding his hometown of Dzialoshitz in Poland. Eliahu hid in barns and even in open fields, forced to forage for food amongst the scraps left for the animals; entirely alone. Finally, he was rescued by the approaching Russian army, and cared for by them until the War’s end, when they offered to adopt him.

But even as a young boy Eliahu knew that he wanted to be among his own, Jewish people. He joined a youth group and after a long journey, lasting almost three years, he landed in Palestine. Eliahu was caught up in the War of Independence and finally made a life for himself, and later his family, on a Kibbutz in the new land of Israel.


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