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Lost Worlds New Beginnings

Lost Worlds: New Beginnings

by Regina Kornfeld


Regina (Sussman) Kornfeld’s worlds began crumbling around her when she lost her mother at the tender age of nine. Then, when ten years later Germany invaded Poland, the world of her youth disappeared never to return. But, from the day the family fled the idyllic holiday village of Kroscienko and headed east, Regina played a pivotal role in their survival.

There was no learning curve.

Her resilience began on the run with Panzers and Messerchmidts tearing up the earth around them and sustained her during the winters and forced labour of Siberia. Thereafter, with a maturity way beyond her years, she kept her wits about her sparring with the Communist machine as she struggled to support her ailing father and sister in the White Russian town of Czystopol.

Then, at the war’s end, she was determined to put the shattered pieces of their lives back together, initially in Poland and later illegally in Paris, as they waited for their Australian visas to arrive.

Finally, arriving penniless in Australia, Regina and her husband Heniek raised their three children while working day in and day out to build and secure new lives in a strange land, speaking an unfamiliar tongue.

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