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The Full Circle

The Full Cirlce

by Nola Horwitz


In 1854, Esther O’Zayle-Solomon, a refugee from the Portuguese Inquisition, stood on a Southampton dock watching the SS Calcutta set sail for Melbourne. As she waved her son goodbye, she could never have imagined the crisscross-continental future of her dynasty.

Likewise, Solomon, waving from the deck, could little have imagined that his Australian-born daughter would marry a man burning with gold-fever and in turn sail to South Africa.

And, even in her wildest dreams, his daughter—Hannah Solomon-Myers, mother of Ivy Myers-Oliver and grandmother of Nola Oliver-Horwitz—could never have imagined that 140 years later her line would become dinky-die Aussie once more.

Nola traces the history of both her and her husband Ralph’s clans—how they came together and how they forged new lives in distant lands. Nola (who modestly refers to herself as just a simple housewife) records their stories: tales of persecution, adventure and achievement, including relatives whose contribution to the world is legend—Albert Einstein and Paul Ehrlich in the sciences; Myra Hess, Ronald Harwood and Sir Anthony Sher in the arts.
They got the brains, quips Nola, but we got the looks.
To her family, who lovingly and respectfully call their feisty, fit, seventy-seven-year-old matriarch, The Balabos, Nola bequeaths this great gift—a slice of their heritage preserved forever between the leaves of this memoir.

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