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Sydney Jewish Museums Latest Special Exhibition - Nazi Medicine 1933 - 1945

30 MARCH - 15 JUNE 2008


                                                               Curated by WebNaziMedLogo.jpgDr George Weisz, Nazi Medicine deals with the central role that Nazi doctors played in designing and implementing Nazi policies in the form of a four step “E” program: eugenics, euthanasia, experimentation and extermination.

Eugenics: German scholars propagated ideas which supported and legitimised Nazi racial doctrines, paving the way for the enforcement of ‘racial hygiene’, sterilisation and castration. “It is the will of Hitler that racial hygiene should be put into practice”. By 1945, some 400,000 Germans had been forcibly sterilised.


Euthanasia: The Nazi Euthanasia program provided for the murder of mentally and physically disabled children and adults alike. “Those suffering from incurable illnesses may be granted a mercy death – Those with a life not worth living”.

Experimentation: 80 different kinds of experiments were carried out in Camps, performed by approximately 400 doctors on 7,000 victims.

WRightLeg.jpgExtermination: Whereas sterilisation and euthanasia were exclusively aimed at enhancing the ‘racial purity’ of the German people, exclusion and extermination of the Jews was more than a racial purification process.  The anti-Jewish paranoia led eventually to the Final Solution, or Holocaust – the murder of six million European Jews during World War II.

The exhibition reveals the dire consequences when medical and legal ethics are ignored.

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