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Meet the guides

Volunteer guides are on the floor to orientate visitors. Many guides are Holocaust survivors with whom visitors are encouraged to interact informally.

The way to learn about the Holocaust is from those who lived through it; those who are able to harness their pain and despair in order to educate future generations of Australians. The heart and soul of the museum are our 90 volunteer guides, of whom approximately 70 are Holocaust survivors. Their stories are more powerful than any photographs, documents or artefacts. Nothing can replace the impact of meeting a survivor of the Holocaust within the powerful surroundings of the Museum.

Born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, Lotte Weiss was deported to Auschwitz in March 1942. Lotte describes her survival and its implications as follows:

"Even after 56 years of my liberation from Hell - Auschwitz and four other camps - I still consider it a miracle that I got out alive. I lost my whole family - my loving mother, father, and three beautiful sisters and two wonderful brothers. I think about them every day. I want to tell the world what they and six million other Jews suffered. Their crime - being born Jewish. It is the role of us, the volunteer Survivors, to speak for those innocent men, women and children. It is my privilege and obligation to humanity to be an eye-witness for as long as I can. I see it as a mission to tell the children - our future - the truth about racism and hatred of people who are 'different'."

A guide since 1992, Lotte can be found telling her story to the visitors who gather around her each week on Mezzanine 4 to hear her unique story of survival. She is one of 90 inspiring volunteer guides devoted to sharing their experiences and knowledge in order to fulfil the invaluable role of the Museum.

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